Knit and natter

Knit and natter

What a wonderfully entertaining group!

The ladies over at knit and natter will be sure to give you a warm welcome, they meet every Monday afternoon from 1:00pm untill 3:00pm following on from the lunch club  over at The Nelson Arms.

Whether your are a veteran or have never picked up a set of needles before, they have all sorts of levels to help. The group consists of around 20 ladies, all ages and abilities. Some just come along for the social while others are heads down trying to remember what stitch while holding in laughter!

They do things like knit for the wildlife centre, make things for the school, make hats & scarves etc for Aquabox who are a company just up the road who respond to disasters and of course they knit fresh new fashion items for themselves.

This group like all the others are not just for Middleton folk, we have people from all over Derbyshire so be sure to give it a look!

Entry is £1, which includes a cup of tea –  Funds go to a mid year tea outing and a Christmas dinner.

If you would like any more info then please contact Cath 01629 822690

Thanks to the Nelson Arms for the free use of the room 😉