Middleton Runners

Middleton Runners.
The group has been running for almost a year!

Once a week, alternating between Friday 5.30pm and Sunday 5.00pm. We also sometimes arrange extra runs – it’s not unusual for a few of us to be out at the crack of dawn before work to see the sun rise over Matlock Bath!

All runs start at the Village Green.

You just need a bit of basic fitness gear – so long as you’re comfortable it doesn’t matter. Layers tend to help you get the temperature right, hats and gloves when it’s very cold, and maybe a windproof jacket in the winter. Plus, of course, a pair of well-fitting trainers/running shoes (trendy brand names are not essential!). A head torch is useful for dark winter evening runs.

Being a relatively new group, we’re pretty small. We have around 10 regular members, most runs usually having 6 or 7 runners. We have a mix of male and female members of varying ages and abilities.

So who can get involved you say?!?

Anyone from Middleton or surrounding area with a basic-to-intermediate running ability. Male, female, any age – the more the merrier! We all run for different reasons: to lose weight; keep passably fit; run races (in a few cases); or just to escape the kids and have a good natter (most of us!).

We are always happy to adjust our pace/route to suit the group. Our usual runs are around 10k (6 miles in old money), but we’ve been known to run a figure of eight, to drop those wanting to do a shorter route back in the village at the 5k point. We promise never to leave anyone behind, and stop at regular intervals to give everyone a chance to catch-up and take a breather. There’s no need to worry about being the slowest, we can assure you we won’t mind in the slightest. The fast, eager members (that’s you Simon, Dave and Gav) may run back and forth while the slower ones catch up, while the rest of us take the opportunity to have a rest, chat or take photos of our beautiful surroundings.

We meet on the Village Green where we agree a route. Some like quiet lanes and trails, others prefer cross-country. One thing that can’t be totally avoided is a hill or two – that’s what comes with living on the top of one. We chat as we run – some incessantly (you know who you are Ruth and Bella!), while others reserve their breath for reaching the top of the hill or beating their own personal record (sound like you Gav?). The number of stops we make depends on the ability of the group and the terrain. Generally the more hills the more rest breaks.

We run in all weather (we’re hard!). In fact we love a good snow drift to throw ourselves in (look at the picture of Bella!) and Emma believes all good runs result in so much mud you have to strip off your outer layers on the doorstep on your return! Rain, wind, fog, hail, snow… we’ll never cancel a run.

All runs end where they started (the Village Green), where we give each other a pat on the back, do a few (half-hearted) stretches, and bid farewell until next time.

The most important thing is we have fun, lots of it (just don’t get Ruth giggling or you might regret it!)

Want to get involved?

If you’re on Strava, search for Middleton Runners and request to join the club. We post all our runs on here. For those less tech-savvy, talk to one of the regular group members (Emma Wild, Bella Johnson, Ruth Woolsey or Gavin Croll), a couple of which are regulars at The Nelson (not mentioning any names). Or drop Emma an e-mail at emma.wild@slimmingworld.co.uk (that’s my work address, I promise I won’t start preaching food and nutrition to you – that’s not my department!)